About Code of Care – English

Code of Care is a non-profit organisation who inspires to, informs about and creates innovation within the social obligations and responsibilities for companies. Code of Care works to ensure that people with mental, psysical or social challenges in life earn a place at Danish workplaces.

Code of Care believes that corporate social responsibility is compatible with increased value creation both financially and in terms of company reputation and employer branding. Moreover, taking social responsibility benefits society, not just the bottom line, by greatly reducing the expenses of our welfare system.

Code of Care operates through local Task Forces in which companies join forces in developing local communities where people with mental, physical, or social challenges are considered an active part of the work force.

Therefore, participating in a Code of Care Task Force goes hand in hand with a company’s ESG and CSR policies. It is a decision on wanting to make a difference and on integrating the fundamental values of social responsibility in the company strategy and its cultural mindset.

Code of Care likewise cooperates with local job centres in strengthening the bonds between the public and the private sector. Closer cooperation across sectors brings a diversity of solutions for the future. The Task Force companies challenge each other and the job centres to reach new levels of fruitful cooperation and the co-development of methods and concepts.

Each Code of Care Task Force has its own vision and a set target: How many people do we strive to include on the labour market? What does it take for us and for other companies to employ and retain people with challenges in life at our work places?  A Task Force explores new means of inspiring company managers and employees to the development of inclusive work places. Activities and events organised by the Task Force brings companies and the unemployed together in informal settings. It leads to job creation and contributes to developing job readiness skills and personal confidence.

As Code of Care ambassadors, local companies are first movers on a general change in the way employment is approached. When work places organise themselves according to tasks, whether small or large, rather than positions, we need more hands and we reach the goal of a more inclusive labor market with room for all.

Code of Care. Because anything else would be a waste of human resources.